購物須知 (Notes)

購物流程 (Purchasing Process)

  • 網站提供24小時線上下單服務,簡單幾個步驟,輕鬆完成訂單。
  • 確認身份→選購商品→確認欲購買的商品→填寫訂購資料→付款確認→訂購完成
Easy shopping instructions
  • Shopping 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Simple and Easy.
  • Identify personal info → Select products → Confirm order → Fill the form → Confirm the payment → Done 

訂單查詢 (Order Inquiry)

  • 於會員登入狀態下,可利用首頁右上角「會員專區」功能,查詢您的歷史訂單記錄及出貨狀態。
  • You can easily inquire your order history and the state of delivery by clicking the "Member Area".

付款方式 (Payment)

  • 線上刷卡付款方式可使用VISA、Master、U-Card、JCB之信用卡進行交易,需一次付清。
  • 交易幣別皆以新台幣計算。
  • 當您在結帳頁面進行信用卡相關資料填寫時,請務必詳實填寫正確資料,以利銀行做信用卡資料的審核。
Credit Card
  • Visa, Master, U-Card, JCB is available. Pease pay in full.
  • The currency is New Taiwan dollars in all the transactions.
  • Please fill in the correct information to facilitate the verification of the bank. 

出貨說明及運送方式 (Delivery note and Shipping method)

  • 商品以宅配配送,訂單成立並完成付款後,商品將於七個工作天內(不含週休及國定例假日)送達您指定的收件地址(網路異常、天災影響或遇不可抗力因素除外)。
  • 為了保護商品的完整,我們會妥善包裝您所訂購的商品,收到貨後請立即開箱檢查,確認商品包裝完整無缺。
  • 配送過程偶有無法準時送達的情形,宅配人員將以電話先行與您聯繫,敬請見諒。
  • 配送當日不在收件處,宅配人員會再擇期聯繫配送。
  • 若超過7日仍無法聯絡上,以致商品無法送達,將取消該筆訂單。
  • 為了確實將商品送到您的手上,請務必填寫正確的送貨地址與聯絡電話,以便盡速將商品寄送給您,若地址或電話填寫錯誤,恐延誤商品寄達時間,請您特別留意!
  • Your products will be delivered to the address (not including the natural disasters or uncontrollable situation) in seven days (exclusive of weekend and holidays) after the payment is complete.
  • We will pack your products very carefully. Please check the integrity of the products when receiving.
  • The delivery man will try to contact with you before the delivery. But once in a while it might not be on time.
  • The delivery man will deliver the products again if there is no one appearing in the shipping address by contacting in advance.
  • The order will be cancelled if failed to contact for seven days.
  • In order to deliver the products to you on time, plesae make sure you have filled in the correct address and phone number. The delivery may be delayed owing to the wrong information.

運費計算 (Shipping Fee)

  • 本島單次消費滿台幣10,000元(含)免運費。 
  • 外島單次消費滿台幣20,000元(含)免運費。
  • Free of shipping fee if order amount above NTD$10,000 in-island
  • Free of shipping fee if order amount above NTD$20,000 offshore

退換貨處理 (Return and Exchange)

  • 僅接受產品瑕疵換貨,恕不接受更換其他商品。
  • 如訂單內容或商品有任何問題,請於商品送達後7天內(含國定例假日)並撥打客服專線我們聯繫,逾期恕不受理。
  • 欲換貨之商品內容必須保維持所有商品、贈品、附件、包裝、附隨文件或資料的完整性。
  • 退貨請填寫退貨處理單並註明訂購人姓名、聯絡地址、電話及原因,以利儘速處理。
  • 退貨時請將產品連同贈品一併寄回。
  • 若因客戶誤訂產生的退貨郵資問題,恕不退還。
  • Return and Exchange Instructions
  • Accepted ONLY if the products are in defective condition.
  • Please contact us in 7 days (including holidays) after the products are delivered if there is any problem with your products. Overdue situation will not be accepted.
  • Complete product content and the package are required if the return or exchange is to be made.
  • We will deal with the return or exchange as soon as possible if the contact info and the reasons of the situration are described in detail.
  • Please deliver the products with the gift back together when returning.
  • The shipping fee will not be refunded if the order is produced by mistake and not cancelled in time.

退款方式及時間 (Refund)

  • 收到退貨,並檢查無誤後(原包裝盒完整無缺),約5至7個工作天退至您原信用卡帳戶。
  • 請依您的結帳日判斷,刷退款項可能列於本月或次月帳單。
  • The refund will be made in 5 to 7 working days to your credit card account which is used to purchase the products after we receive the return and make sure the product and the package are OK.
  • The amount may be listed on your bill this or next month after the refund is made according to your accounting date.

取消訂單 (Cancel)

  • 若您的訂單狀態顯示為「未付款」,則您可主動在網路上取消該筆訂單,之後再請您重新下訂。
  • 當您的訂單狀態顯示為「付款完成」,表示您已完成下訂,若您欲取消該筆訂單,請至首頁「聯絡我們」申請辦理退貨。
  • 在您申請取消訂單之前,若該商品已在配送途中,則表示您將會收到商品或已經收到,請您在7天鑑賞期至首頁「聯絡我們」,辦理退貨。
  • Please go to "Contact us" to leave a message if you want to cancel your order before you pay for it.When your order state appears "Paid", it means you've finished the order. Please go to "Contact us" to leave a message for the return if you want to cancel the order.
  • If the product is during delivery before you apply for cancelling the order, it means you will revceive or have received the product. Please go to "Contact us" to leave a message if you want to return.

鑑賞期規定 (Trial Period Policy)

  • 依據消費者保護法之規定,線上購物網站將提供您享有商品到貨次日起算七天鑑賞期的權益,鑑賞期間作為您評估是否購買該商品,並非提供您試用該商品,您可在鑑賞期間內要求退貨退款,但提醒您,所退回的商品內容必須保維持所有商品、贈品、附件、包裝、附隨文件或資料的完整性,否則本茶苑有權力拒絕您的退貨退款要求。
  • According to the Consumer Protection Act, you have the right to freely return within 7 days in doing the online shopping. During the peroid, you can decide whither you want to keep the product, not to trial it. You can ask for the refund during the trial period. Whereas, we have to remind you that you have the obligation to maintain the integrity of the product, the attatched gift, and the package. Otherwise, we have the right to reject your return.